Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Another LIfe, it Seems So....

It has been decades since I posted something in here. Life could have been anything, but now that it has brought me to this, I am 'Amused', most of all. Fiddling with all the nuances of all my years in between, feels GRATEFUL and truly that is!

Some of us can't be tamed to be anything different than what we already are! WE have dared once and wished to remain there without hesitations, always hoped to work that out in our favour; 'no matter if it takes a long time' we thought. 'DANCE'ing is that special place for me and forever, whomever I find there, are the BEST PART of my life. The most significant part of it any day. Life is simply great that way.
God knows I would always long for a place where we are 'what we are listening to' and hence 'dance to'!



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