Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rants of a Misfit

I don't even know if I had wished for anything better than this in my life or if, Life itself had turned out to be anything different than this, I don't know how better I could have enjoyed it... A person who is crazy to the utmost to even plan a successful life, as they all(others) wish, could find happiness in the darkest places. That is how people like me survive, if you are not aware of it. So I would want you normal human beings to just shun their ways and ignore them because there lies your eternal happiness in ignorance of the MISFITS, now don't even dare to imagine that these rants go anywhere desirable for you to finally understand what this is all about, because I always end up having the worst plans for those who imagine so.

Those people who are absolutely clumsy at deciding priorities in Life, sadly can't be the ones to invest your expectations on. They are spontaneous by nature and it is so apparent that they tend to slip away from rational laws yet don’t pamper any criminal instincts because it is a fact that such instincts don’t favor any reliable solutions.

The problem is why to take a road when you can simply assume the cheap thrills waiting on your way, I find no fun in knowing the obvious, the one truth I refuse to fight anytime. Liberation could be that guardian angel you kiss good night to, every single day, if you dare to be a less rational and more of a routine sucker, my two cents (you are free to ignore). The worst part of being a jerk is that people can't really piss you off, contrary to their common belief that they can, and the best part is this world could be as vast as blue sky and as small as a coffin, in between you could be a schizophrenic or as mundane as everyone else, interestingly you know it.


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