Friday, February 19, 2010

Rebuilding the world

A father was trying to read the newspaper, but his little son kept pestering him. Finally, the father grew tired of this and, tearing a page from the newspaper – one that bore a map of the world – he cut it into several pieces and handed them to his son.

‘Right, now you’ve got something to do. I’ve given you a map of the world and I want to see if you can put it back together correctly.’ 

He resumed his reading, knowing that the task would keep the child occupied for the rest of the day. However, a quarter of an hour later, the boy returned with the map.

‘Has your mother been teaching you geography?’ asked his father in astonishment. 
‘I don’t even know what that is,’ replied the boy. ‘But there was a photo of a man on the other side of the page, so I put the man back together and found I’d put the world back together too.’
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---unknown source

Friday, February 12, 2010

A vague Mind... but a True sight....

Its not easy to start with a matter i truly believe in.....cos m scared to loose my faith i hold onto....But the truth is there are very few things i really own.... more often its just things dat comes for free, of no cost at all, so y to fret? ie y m here to set it out....

Its al about the air I breath to fill up my life, its about the shapeless particles comes in beautiful shapes to quench ma thirst wer i see no color no shape but beauty in it, its about the vast bluishness dat hides truest of the colours to throw splendid vision to ma senses n ma soul i identify with, above all wat a Space im given to dwell in here, what i tend to own with each step i put forth .... what do i ask for more?

But then Came along these beautiful people, to give me sories, n i made stories, my stories here, they chased my mind but cud never blind me, ie y Im living, living this Beautiful life!!!!


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